Tempus Novo

In only 4.5 months Peter has managed to save £5000 towards his first house purchase. With his partner expecting their first child he is determined to provide a family home for them and their future stability. When Paul his caseworker and mentor paid him a visit this week, he couldn’t wait to tell Paul that he has just been promoted and is really excited about his future. The 6 months support from the caseworker makes all the difference!

Peter is just one of many people (ex offenders) who has taken an opportunity he knows to be a “once in a lifetime opportunity” and grabbed it with both hands. This employer understands that the risk of employing through the Tempus Novo model (one with access to criminal records) is actually less of a risk than if they went through a routine recruitment agency, and with better outcomes on their bottom line. Time and time again we hear that our people work “extra” hard and are loyal and eternally grateful.