Tempus Novo

President and Trustees

Meet the Tempus Novo board…

Jonathan Aitken – President

Jonathan Aitken is a well-known author, broadcaster, ex-Cabinet Minister, ex-MP and ex-prisoner. Through his writings, speeches and broadcasting he has been a leading voice for the cause of rehabilitating offenders.

His ground breaking report ‘Locked up Potential: A strategy for reforming prisons and rehabilitating prisoners’ was published to widespread acclaim by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) in 2010. It has since had a major impact on government policy.

John Samuels – Vice President

His Honour John Samuels QC has been the Chairman of the Criminal Justice Alliance since 2012. He was a Trustee of the Prisoners’ Education Trust for 13 years, its Chairman for 6, and is now its first President. He was previously a Circuit Judge (he sat in the Crown Court for a total of 27 years); and had been Chairman of the Criminal Committee of the Council of Circuit Judges, where he pioneered liaison between the Council, Ministers and their officials. A long-term proponent of judicial monitoring, he has written and lectured on the topic both in this jurisdiction and overseas for over 10 years. In January 2016 he was appointed by the Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice to advise a current Working Group on problem-solving courts. He was a founder member of the National Sentencer Probation Forum until March 2012, when he also retired from the London Probation Forum, of which he had been a member for 10 years. He is a Trustee of the Howard League for Penal Reform.

He is the Board member for England & Wales of the International Association of Drug Treatment Courts; and is Vice President both of UNLOCK, the National Association of Reformed Offenders; and of the Association of Members of Independent Monitoring Boards. He is a Patron of Prisoners’ Advice Service. Between 2005 and September 2015 he was a judicial member of the Parole Board, and visited prisons up to 3 times per week in that capacity. In 2012 he was appointed a Visiting Professor at Nottingham Law School, focusing on sentencing and criminal justice issues. He remains actively involved in the educational agenda of Lincoln’s Inn, of which he has been a Bencher since 1990.

Sir James Aykroyd – Vice President

Sir James is already a great supporter of many good causes in Yorkshire and having attended an event at Eversheds where he met and heard from some of our graduates, he offered to help Tempus Novo.

He recently visited Armley jail where he was visibly moved by the conditions offenders live in. He is passionate about Yorkshire and wants to see those in need given a hand up, through programmes like TN.

George Grant – Chairman

George Grant is a former foreign correspondent and policy analyst who now directs international business development for a start-up company focused on financial inclusion for the unbanked and financially underserved. As a journalist George has covered a range of prison related issues, from mental health in British prisons, to the treatment of men awaiting trial in post Gaddafi Libya.

George is a keen runner, squash player and cyclist, and together with his wife Georgina is an active member of his local church.

In 2015 George stood for the first time as a parliamentary candidate in the UK general election.

Gareth Bullen Treasurer

As former director of The Aspire Academy at Northern Gas Networks, Gareth is passionate about intrapreneurship and has used his knowledge and experience to build winning teams at many large businesses.

Gareth has worked as a director at board level and managed multi million pound budgets prior to starting up his new venture The Centre For Enterprise. His ability to instil a positive attitude and innovative thinking in to the culture of a business will support Tempus Novo through the inevitable challenges we will face on our journey.

Valerie Heywood Trustee

Val has an extensive criminal justice background having served as a magistrate for 23 years and 20 years as a member of an Independent Monitoring Board which has a watchdog role within prisons.

Her experience includes work in the Youth and Adult crime courts, as Chairman of the Family Proceedings Panel and as a member of the Bench Management Group.

In addition she has been a member of the Management Committee of the Visitors’ Centre at HMP Leeds for many years and is an officer of Bradford Courts Chaplaincy Service whose volunteers assist and support people attending Magistrates’ and Crown Courts.

Mary O’shaughnessy Secretary

Mary O’shaughnessy has over 20 years experience in the recruitment and employment of those harder to reach and furthest from the labour market. Whilst working at Enterprise Managed Services ltd, Mary was Head Of The Enterprise Foundation where her role included lobbying decision makers in Westminster. Mary has a passion to help those less fortunate in life and understands what it takes to support someone making the transition from prison to mainstream society, having herself mentored several through the process.