COVID-19: Our Route to Recovery

As Coronavirus shut down the UK and forced us all to work differently, Tempus Novo is coming out of it more ambitious than ever.

This pandemic has seen industries change across our country and as a charity, we too have had to make changes to survive.   

Several members of our staff had to be furloughed and the usual recruitment processes had to be reinvented for safety reasons. 

From the onset, we have strived to place people into meaningful and sustainable employment and although lockdown was put into place, we have still managed to put a number of people into said employment.  

In the current climate, this is outstanding.  

This disease is destructive, not just to people’s health, but to their livelihoods also, and we are proud that a number of the people we put into work were put into key worker positions – helping to keep supermarkets stocked.  

The fact that we have been able to continue helping people into work throughout this pandemic really pays testament to our support system and the benefits of employers working with Tempus Novo.  

Our system begins with a professional risk assessment before placing someone into work, this is something that we cannot now do face to face due to the restrictions around social distancing.  

Our founder and MD, Val Wawrosz said: The biggest thing was doing our assessments of people online as opposed to in person. There’s something about assessing people without meeting them – it’s much harder. You cannot possibly assess them as well and thorough over social media like Zoom or even Microsoft Teams.” 

Our support system currently consists of a 6-month period in which a caseworker regularly checks up on our service-user to make sure that they are happy and enjoying work. This structure has already helped more than 400 people into lasting employment and away from reoffending. 

COVID has given us time to reflect and because of these thought processes we are more ambitious than ever to help more and more people change their lives.

We will now be extending that support period to 12 months. This means that our graduates will get a committed caseworker that can help with any issues upon their release until that 12-month period is over.  

We have already seen the great results that our hardworking team of caseworkers has achieved and so this 12-month support system will add some extra time to the period that will enable our graduates to excel in a work environment that is fully supported by us.

We couldn’t do our work without fantastic help from our employers and partners. To get involved with Tempus Novo, click here.