Tempus Novo

Tempus Novo is an award-winning charity that works with serving prisoners and ex-offenders who want to change their lives by stopping the cycle of crime. This endless cycle has damaged the social fabric of this country whilst also costing the UK taxpayer several billion pounds every year.

Tempus Novo has a unique strength; it’s understanding and direct links into the British prison system. Founded in 2014 by two serving Senior Prison Officers at HMP Leeds, Tempus Novo operates within the prisons to identify offenders committed to transforming their lives. Upon release, these prisoners continue to work with Tempus Novo to gain employment whilst also receiving hands on mentorship and support for a minimum of 6 months.

The Tempus Novo model is based on being bespoke, personal and sustainable. We work with a growing number of employers in and around Yorkshire who share the same vision and are willing to give ex-offenders a second chance. 

Since conception, 98% of those who were interviewed were able to secure employment.

The Founders

Tempus Novo was founded by Steve Freer and Val Wawrosz. Between them, Steve and Val have almost 60 years combined experience working with offenders in prisons throughout the country, most recently at HMP Leeds.

They have a comprehensive understanding of Offender Management having overseen both Integrated Offender Management (IOM) units and Resettlement teams in custodial settings.


Together with their President, former Cabinet minister and ex-offender Jonathan Aitken, and their Trustees, Tempus Novo also enjoys a strong relationship with both ministers and officials at the Ministry of Justice and elsewhere inside Government

Watch the video of Steve and Val’s story of how Tempus Novo was born.

Why focus on employment?

Usually by their mid 30’s many offenders including PPO’s (Prolific and Priority Offenders) are looking for a way out of a life of crime. Tempus Novo are well placed to help them with their team based at HMP Leeds. By engaging those offenders with the desire to change, we will co-ordinate a bespoke and personalised network of services both in custody and on release. Our support strategy often starts several weeks before release from prison and continues for a minimum of 6 months once in employment.

Employment plays a significant part in the rehabilitation of offenders and reduces the risk of reoffending by up to 50%. In fact our latest figures (Oct 2017) suggest it could be higher, as we currently have an 80% retention rate in work.

Unique Selling Points

Experience in the Criminal Justice System

Steve Freer and Val Wawrosz have over almost 60 years combined experience working with offenders. They have a comprehensive understanding of Offender Management having overseen both Integrated Offender Management units (I.O.M.) and Resettlement teams in Custodial settings.


Working onsite at HMP Leeds and HMP Wealstun

Having office space at the prison is key to successful partnership working. Tempus Novo can facilitate the initial meeting between employers and offenders which in turn breaks down barriers.


Established Relations

As a result of many years of working for the Prison Service, Tempus Novo has well established and trusted relationships with all the agencies who assist with the resettlement of ex-offenders including the Police, probation, housing agencies and drugs support groups.


Keeping it Human Scale

Tempus Novo is in a unique position to tailor the service they provide to each client and provide maximum assistance by maintaining the same support worker throughout a clients sentence and for a specified period after release.

Risk Assessment

The comprehensive Tempus Novo Risk Assessment includes validated access to police, prison and probation systems.

A Tried and Tested Model that Works

Tempus Novo offer a minimum 6 months, seemless personal mentoring service to BOTH the employee and the employer.

Working in partnership with

Together... We are stronger!